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Templestowe window cleaning offers local homeowners a better service. Your local Templestowe window cleaner, Jon, knows your area and what is required to provide the best in service together with good manners.


As a large area requiring extensive Residential Window Cleaning services, Jon, your local window cleaner, has the experience(20 years) to look after your investment. So, if you require window cleaning in Templestowe, call Jon today on 0488793674 for prompt, efficient service at a reasonable price.


Your local window cleaning service is not an impersonal Franchise, nor is it here today, gone tomorrow subcontractors cashing in on holiday seasons, it is simply a local man, with local knowledge, serving your local community.


To contact us please either, call 0488793674 , or, press our “Chat” option for a fast response, or, if you are not in a rush, send us an email by accessing our contact form.

We look forward to serving you soon!