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​House Window Cleaning Melbourne offers premium window cleaning services for the Mornington area.​ We know that your house is your “castle”. So, ultimate care is taken by our trained professionals to not only ensure that your windows come up sparkling every time, but that your property, decor and furnishings are carefully protected during our service. Our teams usually work together in pairs-one inside, the other outside-so you are not held up for hours having your windows cleaned. ​


How many times have you tried to clean your own windows only to find after hours of work that you are still left with streaks, smudges and marks all over your glass? As window cleaning specialists, we will leave your windows free of all these annoying things that disturb your wonderful view!

Using the latest Pure Water Fed Pole technology we can clean homes up to 3-stories high along with difficult to reach windows such as attics, atriums, etc. Our window cleaning services are performed with a fully COVID-safe manner so you can feel comfortable that you are receiving the highest quality care from window cleaning professionals.


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