Isn’t Price The Most Important Thing?

Isn’t Price The Most Important Thing?

Choosing a window cleaner often comes down to price, it can be expensive. But is that the MOST important consideration? Consider the following points: Poor Service, Damage, Scratched Windows and Tint Damage:

1/ Poor Service – Start-out window cleaners charge a cheap amount and charge by the hour. However, due to inexperience, they take twice as long as professionals will.

2/ Damage – If a window cleaner lacks confidence and know how, they will likely not move furniture and other items away from the working area risking damage to your assets and knick knacks

3/ Scratched Windows – At Melbourne Window Cleaning, we see SO MANY scratched windows. Does a cheaper contractor know only to scrape forwards on the glass and the risks of not doing so?

4/ Tint Damage – What happens if you rub too hard on tinted windows, and, how do you tell if a window IS tinted? Melbourne Window Cleaning knows!

There is a saying that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Saving a few dollars on a start out window cleaner seems like common sense, but, if you are left with a $1,000 repair bill, how much will you save?

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